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Each work on writing a UF dissertation begins with the fact that a graduate student selects the most optimal topic and approves it at the scientific council. After this topic is approved, the student receives a special form, which is developed following the topic. One of the most important components is the development of a research plan. This plan should be detailed and disclose all stages of the master’s thesis.

The best way is to prepare a master plan thesis in stages under the direct supervision of your supervisor. Also, a standard work plan should be used.

Remember that the plan is just an assistant in the implementation of the master’s thesis. It helps to make your writing process as efficient and consistent as possible. When writing a master’s thesis, remember that you will have to make adjustments to the drafted plan.

Any master thesis plan should include the following questions:

1. Formation of the original problem.

2. The main purpose of the study.

3. Setting clear objectives.

4. What decisions were made for the study.

5. Sometimes it is necessary to develop software for research and solving assigned tasks.

6. Plan an experiment to solve the problem on this subject.

7. The course of the experiment and its results reflect in a special publication.

8. Implementation of your experiment in the life of society.

9. Also, make a publication that reveals the practical value of your experiment.

The final plan is approved by the supervisor of the master’s thesis and is a simplified table of contents for your thesis. When drawing up a master’s thesis plan, try to make three chapters in the plan. Also, keep all chapters balanced. That is, the volume of each chapter should be about the same.

It is considered wrong to call one point of the plan with a single word or to make it long, stretching the name. In the event that you have problems in drawing up a plan, you can ask your supervisor for help. But in this case, you will have to adjust to his priorities, which may cause problems when writing a UF thesis.

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