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Choosing a Style Guide for UF dissertation

You need to choose one journal as a model for exact reference style. That one journal’s reference style should be followed exactly. Submit a copy of your model with your first submission document. This should be attached as a support file within the online EDM System. A style manual for preparing manuscripts for publication may also be useful to you. However, the formatting requirements in this guide take precedence over all other manuals and style sheets. Never use other theses and UF dissertations as guides for your formatting.

Word Processing Aids and Equipment

The Application Support Center (ASC), a division of the UF Computing Help Desk, has developed templates and tutorials to help candidates when using either Microsoft Word or LaTeΧ to format their electronic theses and UF dissertations (ETDs). See the ASC site for templates and other helpful ETD information. Please e-mail the ASC, or call (352) 392-HELP (4357) to make an appointment to meet with an ETD consultant free of charge. Although the ASC is hehe to help you, do not depend on the Help Desk’s student support staff to guarantee that your document will be accepted for first or final submission. It is your responsibility to ensure that your document meets all formatting requirements found in this guide and within the template provided to you by the ASC.

Securing a Typist or Editor

The Editorial Office maintains a list of formatters and editors who may be hired by students seeking help with their manuscripts. Please feel free to consult the ASC website for the current list. In addition, the ASC offers formatting help and guidance free of charge to students able to stop by for one of their free consultations. The ASC also offers more extensive formatting help at reasonable rates and fees. Please consult the ASC for the list of services offered.

Spacing and Margin Requirements for UF dissertation

All standard manuscript copy should be double-spaced. There should be only one single spaced blank line between the two existing lines of type. Do not have more than one singlespaced blank line between paragraphs. Use a standard amount of indent for the first line of all paragraphs (a standard tab or 5, 6, 7, or 8 spaces). Regardless of the style you choose, it must be consistent throughout the manuscript.

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