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Over time, the problem of scarcity and high prices in the mass consciousness gave metastases affecting other issues of public life. Immediate consequence of exposure deteriorating living conditions on the mass consciousness became the search for the guilty among the immediate environment of urban inhabitants. Increasing the high cost and lack of some products, the population, admitted as a result of various trading speculations3 Distinctly the opinion was expressed that the high cost of life was not normal, it was blown up by large entrepreneurs and firms for which the government does not takes actionable4 In Bolkhov, the rise in prices for essential items, especially on meat, as well as restrictions on the sale of sugar caused frequent complaints about merchants. These cases were becoming more acute, reaching need to resort to police assistance5 At the same time exhibit displeasure to merchants residents Liven6 Back in 1915 the provincial The gendarmerie noted that urban residents, in whom the high cost of all products, fuel and materials expected from the government decisive steps against the greed of merchants and industrial entrepreneurs7 Despite the distinctly expressed irritation against the merchants, gendarmes did not mark

3 GAOO, f.580, art.1, d.6127, l.225. The report of the Yeletsky district police officer. May 1916 4 Ibid, pp.341ob., 480. The second half of October 1916. 5 Ibid., L.19, 14. The first half of May 1916. 6 Ibid, l.198ob. 7 GARF, f.102, OO, op.246, d.167, p.54, l.14. sentiments in favor of self-righteous demonstrations of the people against the bottom haves.

The general opinion was reduced to the need for governments of the most severe repressive measures against businessmen; proper orders were also expected to the employees of the Ministry of Railways messages designed to stop bribery8 The population insisted on what more effective government activities economic life countries will be settled and it will be provided with all vital essential products with the right distribution among the residents9 Only in the second half of 1916, feeling that the limits admissible critics of higher power are steadily expanding, county

The guards found it safe to report to the Governor on the attitude the masses to the government’s measures against high prices10. The population of the counties recognized as insufficient the actions of the government fight against speculation and deficit11. The desire to publish government tax rates12. At the same time, the gendarmerie noted that the peasantry was completely unaware of government measures against high prices13. The anticipated introduction of solid bread prices caused complaints and anxiety among both townspeople and peasants. The first feared that such a measure would fix the prevailing high prices and in future good harvests. In anticipation of solid prices to the minimum, the supply was reduced grain on the market14.

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