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Writing a research paper is not always an easy task. Some life routines can come in the way, such as attending to home duties, having a part-time job, or taking care of the kids. Why drain your nerves because of home assignments? Our experts are on standby to help you out with the tedious academic work.

Research Proposal Papers for Sale: High-Quality Is Guaranteed

Among many kinds of graduate and postgraduate work, research proposals often cause the most trouble for students. It’s not surprising as a proposal should serve as an encapsulation of academic search. Why bother to spend months in a library to come up with a great proposal? Research proposal papers for sale available here on demand will impress any tutor.

Original Research Papers for Sale: Avoid Plagiarism Drama

Now, let’s proceed to the topic that worries all students the most – originality. It is natural to worry about the assignments’ authenticity, especially given that you have only one chance to have your assignment checked with Turnitin. So, if something is wrong with uniqueness, the tutor will see it at once.

Luckily, the writers we employ to the team have years of experience in the academic writing niche, so they are perfectly aware of the ills of plagiarism. We check all assignments prepared for you at each stage of their preparation, so you never risk failing a grade because of non-unique fragments. Our service’s hallmark is to provide only original research papers for sale, researching every assignment thoroughly to produce unique content. Here are some components of our originality policy.

We Write Every Text from Scratch

It is a rule of thumb never to use pre-written texts or available samples on the Internet. All writers working for us possess advanced paraphrasing skills and conduct original research to create every new text from scratch.

We Double-Check It with Advanced Software

To err is human; to check and edit is divine. Thus, we always double-check all assignments before their submission to clients for plagiarism with premium software. Once any authenticity problems are identified, we send the text back for revisions.

We Can Provide a Detailed Plagiarism Report

Clients specifically concerned about originality indicators can request a plagiarism report from our support team. We are ready to compile that document for you and attach it to the ready order as evidence of authenticity.

We’ll Return Your Money in the Case of Plagiarism

Even if all the measures mentioned above don’t work well and plagiarism still creeps into your works, we are ready to accept our fault and return your money. If your academic institution finds the paper for sale to be plagiarized, don’t hesitate to find a refund inquiry.

How We Calculate Orders: Transparency at the Very Core

You might probably wonder where the price of our services comes from. What parameters determine the cost of papers for sale we provide? We have composed a clear checklist for your convenience, allowing you to determine how much your order may be worth.

  • The deadline of your academic research paper for sale is the primary price determinant (texts needed within 3 hours and 14 days will cost differently).
  • The assignment’s size also matters (if it is a 3-page essay needed urgently or a 20-page research paper for sale, the amount of writer effort differs dramatically).
  • Next, the manager takes your subject into account – whether it is a standard or a rare one.
  • The following price calculation stage involves considering the number of sources needed for the assignment and whether you are providing these sources.
  • The need to perform in-depth, specialized analysis can also lead to a price change (e.g., SPSS or nVivo analysis).

These are the basics of assignment rate calculation, but some additional parameters can also come into play. For example, if you need a specific book to be used and you don’t have it at hand, then you should be ready to cover its cost for the author. Besides, an additional payment may be charged for an outline, a detailed table of contents, and the download of used resources.

We do our best to leave no surprises or hidden costs when accepting orders from clients. Thus, our managers calculate the final price before we urge you to proceed to the checkout. However, if you don’t stipulate some details before paying for the order, then it is your responsibility to cover additional costs that may arise in the process. Please feel free to negotiate all these details with the manager before paying for your order to avoid extra expenditures.

How to Order a Custom Paper Cheaper

It is a dream of every student to get cheap research papers for sale without any quality compromises. With us, this dream becomes a reality as our writers are ready to work at reasonable rates that every student can afford. Here are some pro tips on getting more for less here for those who want to save even more.

#1. Order in advance. Urgent orders are costlier because more human resources are involved in solving your problem and delivering an impeccable assignment. But if you know in advance that you have no time for some assignment or hate that subject, why not order the homework beforehand? Orders with a deadline of 10-14 days cost twice less than those who need within less than 24 hours.

#2. Come back for more. We are ready to treat returning customers to special bonuses and discounts. Thus, if you become our loyal client, you’ll always get a better price from us.

#3. Watch out for seasonal sales. We all love presents, and as soon as the holiday season comes, we are giving away some super-attractive deals to clients. Watch out for discounts and special deals during the Christmas season, Black Friday, and other holidays.

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