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APA Literature Review


Sometimes writing a good literature review can be challenging. You might be lacking enough time to complete this paper due to a heavy workload in college, or have a bunch of assignments. No problem — let a qualified essay helper write an APA literature review for you and get:

  • Recent scholarly sources;
  • In-Depth and narrow research;
  • A unique and custom written review;
  • Full compliance with your instructions with the correct APA style and several references stipulated.

Find out Here What is a Literature Review APA

The essence of a literature text is to summarize the selected sources on a particular topic and synthesize these sources through a comparison of the sources’, methodologies, analyses, conclusions, etc. The Lit review can be chronologically organized as follows; by the theme of literature, methods of research or by trends in the field, etc.

Have you understood what is a literature review APA? You might be asked to write such a paper to demonstrate your understanding with work in the field about your intended research topic. The length of the lit review varies depending on the course and instructor preferences.

The following are literature review example elements that your paper needs to consist of:

  • An overall objective clearly stated;
  • Definition of terms introduced in the section;
  • Should have a motivation statement explaining why the topic has been researched;
  • Should have a clear introduction of the various sections that address the overall objective;
  • Should comprise of a comparison, relation, and contrasting findings and theories;
  • The coherent flow of ideas;
  • Paraphrasing of findings.

How to Write a Literature Review APA Here and Now

The American Psychological Association has set out review writing guidelines from the overall organization of your paper to minute formatting details. After thoroughly organizing and analyzing your findings, write your review using the APA style as follows:

Your document needs to be appropriately formatted with 1-inch margins and double spacing unless stated otherwise. Use 12-point Times New Roman. Put a running head, and page number on your header appears on every page. The top right corner should display the page number.

The sections of the lit review should be organized as follows:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Reference list.

Finally, cite all the sources used in the study following the APA style for in-text citations. The general rule is as follows author’s Last Name, a comma, and then Publication Year, i.e., (Homes, 2016). For two or more authors insert the “&” symbol before the last name, i.e., (Hark, Mark & Reynolds, 2009).

Add a reference page on a new piece of paper where you list all the references used in work. The heading “References” should be bold and centered. All sources should be alphabetically organized using the authors’ last names.

Literature Review Format: Useful Guide

The structure of the literature review format should be like any other essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

It summarizes the focus of the review and its importance. Explains the organization and scope of the study.

  • Main body

The literature is organized into distinct themes, with detailed insight on how the chosen topic relates to the broader subject area, e.g., between HIV in pregnant mothers versus HIV in general. Narrow down the review to a specific smaller topic or area of research.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion needs to have a summary of essential aspects analyzed from the body of literature used. Point out any possible gaps or significant flaws in the existing knowledge while also outlining potential areas for future research. Provide linkage of your study to current knowledge.

The APA literature review format needs to follow the APA style guide with correct in-text citations and other formatting guidelines like the title page, running head, page numbers, and reference page.

APA Style Literature Reviews: Expert Writers

Our professional writers are capable of writing lit reviews on any topics using the APA Style Literature Reviews. The style developed due to the need to standardize scientific writing, to make less tedious and more understandable. To write a paper using the APA style format needs consideration of the page headers, line spacing, margins, and typeface.

Our team of EWriters is well conversant with different services such as writing literature reviews for thesis, research proposal, thesis, and assignments. They are also excellent at research, highly experienced, and fluent in English.

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